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Noema Olive Oil is a premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil from carefully selected and handpicked olives of Koroneiki olive trees. It is a pure, 100% single-variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a unique balance. The Olive Trees of our family owned, traditionally cultivated, Grove are growing at the slopes in the area of Pylos, Messinia, the place that gave birth to the Koroneiki variety.

Our «Green Gold» is a product of cold extraction obtained directly from olives and solely by natural means. The processes of harvesting and extraction are following religiously strict rules based on tradition accumulated for five generations, taking at the same time, advantage of all the scientific studies and technological evolution, to end up with the finest olives’ extract: «Noema» Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Taste-wise, it succeeds a unique balance, with an intense fruity flavor and medium-intensity bitter and pungent notes, revealing its rich polyphenol content, of which we are very proud. Polyphenols, abundant in Koroneiki variety, make our Olive Oil valuable to the health of those who consume it, while being easily accepted by every palate.

Besides its health benefits, it is a unique spice that distinctly ornaments every food, cooked or raw.

Superior quality, fine balance and unique taste, are the elements one can always expect from Noema.


Since ancient times, the Olive Tree has provided food, fuel, timber and medicine for many civilizations, and has been regarded as a symbol of peace and wisdom. Our Olive Grove was blessed to be located in the area of Pylos, Messinia. Messinia’s tradition to olive oil production goes back in the ancient years. It is in Messinia, at the ruins of the Palace of King Nestor of Pylos, one of the allies of Trojan War, where the word «OLIVE» was first found inscribed on clay tablets with Linear B, inscriptions that date back to the 13th century BC. Olive Trees are thought to have originated between five and seven thousand years ago. And it is in Messinia that, still today, is being born one of the best Olive Oils of the world, the Koroneiki single variety.

Koroni, a village at the southern edge of Messinia, gave its name to the Koroneiki variety, the «sovereign» of all Olive Oil varieties. The reason of this supremacy is the quantity of contained «Polyphenols»: Koroneiki is scientifically proven to be the variety with the highest content of polyphenols, this most powerful antioxidant, precious ally to human organization. Not surprisingly, in recent studies, Koroneiki from Messinia resulted the No 1 in Polyphenols concentration compared to the world’s average, due to microclimate conditions, to particular local soil elements and to the unique cultivating method applied by local farmers.

The sacred soil of our Olive Grove situated outside a village close to Pylos, has been meticulously cultivated since our great-great grandfathers with tradition, care and respect. Still today, little has changed in this scenery: Centennial Olive Trees grow calmly within beautiful yet rough nature, treated carefully with the utmost respect. «Noema» Extra Virgin Olive Oil is being produced in this holy place with great appreciation. Nature surrounding us could not let us do otherwise…


«Noema» Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available in UV Tinted Glass Bottles of: 250ml, 500ml and 750ml, and in Metallic Tin Containers of 5lt.

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