About Us

Noema Olive Oil is based on the internationally recognized Greek word «noema» (=meaning), highlighting its Greek origin and advocating its quality with its very name! «Noema» is a corporation of Greek entrepreneurs, capitalizing on the experience of five generations in cultivating and harvesting traditional olive groves, combined with a solid academic business foundation and a collection of varied business experiences over the past years. The result is a highly specialized, confident company, full of zest, creativity and potential, with large and ambitious goals.

We reserve great respect for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, while having a deep knowledge of and specialization in this, very sensitive, product. Together with the experience accumulated for five generations of Extra Virgin Olive Oil production, we have mastered through scientific research, seminars and studies, the optimization of production, storage and maintenance of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of its qualitative characteristics, resulting in the production of a premium product.

Our Mission

Olive Oil is a commodity of everyday use, so our interest is in distributing to the world this holy liquid and not in selling oil in expensive containers. We dispose premium Olive Oil of exceptional quality, striving for the optimum ratio of price to performance. That is, we sell the best possible quality at the best possible price. We hope our philosophy promotes the reputation of Greek Olive Oil, this sacred product since ancient years, and at the same time helps to restore faith in Greek industry, which has been so brutally vilified recently by greedy businessmen and politicians.

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